Hurricane Relief: Ways to Help

Like everyone, we’ve watched in disbelief as not one, but four major hurricanes devastated parts of the US, Puerto Rico and other Carribean Islands.

We know the role that Co2 emissions play in intensifying hurricanes, and that the smallest portion of the world’s population produces the most emissions.

We also know that vulnerable populations, low-income communities, and communities of color in the path of natural disaster are always those affected most.

So let’s do something about it.

  • Headwaters Relief is MSP-based and currently on the ground in Texas, and donations are being matchedThey are also looking for supplies to be donated in Minneapolis. 
  • Portlight is a grassroots organization that has set up a hotline (800-626-4959) to help people with disabilities. They’re working with Texas government, FEMA and disability organizations from across the country to address lifesaving needs.
  • In Puerto Rico, crowdsourcing is being done for multiple nonprofits getting aid to citizens. Taller Salud is a feminist organization helping with relief efforts using this solidarity fund. And the Hispanic Federation is focusing on relief efforts.
  • The Virgin Islands were all but flattened from Irma and need our help.
  • 95% of all the buildings on the islands of Barbuda and St. Martin were damaged, necessitating special aid. Donate here or here.


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