Package-Free Picnic: Recipes & Ideas

Package free picnic - recipes


Welcome to picnic season! In preparation of our upcoming Package-Free Picnic, we’ve been thinking of ways to incorporate zero waste living into our favorite outdoor activity (eating).

During your next picnic or family gathering, consider taking a few simple steps towards a more eco-friendly meal experience:

  • Bring reusable plates, cutlery, & cloth napkins in favor of disposables
  • Plan meals with ingredients that can be purchased in bulk or without packaging. Your co-op is sure to have fresh vegetables, and bulk beans, pasta, spices, oats, etc.
  • Shop your local farmer’s market this weekend to pick up fresh veggies!
  • Make it a #MeatlessMonday and consider a plant-based meal (March to a different drumstick with these easy veggie recipes!)
  • Bring a bottle of wine or refillable growler of beer instead of cans
  • If you need to wrap food, use tin foil (which can be recycled), wax paper (which can be composted), or reusable food wraps!
  • Collect food scraps in one container to compost later

And don’t forget to whip up a few of these no-waste, picnic-friendly recipes:




  • Chocolate Chip Cookies – vegan & can be made package-free using your bulk aisle!
  • Easy Banana Muffins – these are a delicious & super satisfying dessert for any meal. All ingredients can be found in bulk or compostable packaging!
  • Watermelon, frozen peaches, any other fruit you can think of
  • Fig Newtons (in your bulk section)
  • No bake chocolate bites


  • Water in your reusable water bottle
  • Homemade iced tea – try making your own tea bags that are compostable or use a mesh strainer for bulk tea leaves!
  • Lemonade – easy and delicious.
  • Wine or growler of beer
  • Sangria




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