Composting Y’s and How’s

During ZJZW’s December roundtable, we talked Composting – how it works, why it’s important, and why, though Minneapolis and St. Paul offer the resources and services needed to compost easily, many of us still struggle.

A few things we covered –

1. This dorky but informative video covers the basics of large-scale composting to get us in the scrappy mood. We discussed the huge environmental benefits of composting organic matter – providing topsoil for gardening and agriculture – and the harmful implications of sending it to landfills to “embalm” and release harmful methane greenhouse gases in the process.

2. We all agreed, composting can be tricky. How often do you find yourself facing the 3 disposal options at Whole Foods or Chipotle, parsing out what goes where? Composting is still a novel concept and much of our community still needs practice.

3. We considered ways we can help our communities develop good habits. Free resources to get your workplace composting + recycling through

  • Offers grants to participating businesses
  • Provides free composting/recycling containers and labelling
  • Provides free on-sight training to staff

4. Lastly – it’s super important that we don’t separate ourselves from the waste we do produce. Check out the incredible Away Project, aimed at teaching students in the classroom about their own personal consumption and waste:

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