Hello ZJZW + Tips for Thxgiving

Zero Judgment/Zero Waste’s first meeting was held in November at the Wedge Table in Minneapolis. An excellent introduction to this blossoming community group, a lot of us were buzzing after the discussion!

A few introductory resources were shared, which will live on ZJZW’s Resources page going forward.

We heard from a few people on their goals for reducing waste for Thanksgiving and other holidays. These tips can also be used more universally outside of holidays!

  • Use your leftovers! So much of the internet around this time is dedicated to sharing creative ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers.
  • Savour that turkey until the last drop: make broth! Someone shared their family recipe below. Save vegetable scraps for broth, too!
  • Transporting a dish to your family gathering? Seal it up with beeswax instead of plastic wrap, and bring some tupperware from home for the aforementioned heavenly (and abundant) leftovers.
  • Use real plates, silverware, and cloth napkins instead of paper or plastic.
  • For sides, focus more on veggies + buy local from your co-op or farmer’s market. This will ensure what you’re buying is in season + didn’t have to travel to far to get to you.

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